What Do Alameda and SBF Have to Do With BALD Rugpull?

In the wake of increased attention on the nascent BALD cryptocurrency project, a rugpull event has left several investors shell-shocked as up to $100 million reportedly vanished overnight. Everyone is sifting through the evocative evidence that hints at the involvement of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) and Alameda Research that mysteriously surfaced due to careful scrutiny of blockchain transactions.

Amidst allegations stacked against SBF and Alameda Research, it’s worth highlighting the evidence that has been collected thus far by eloquent cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A survey of blockchain journalism reveals that a great number of Ether (ETH) tokens have been moved between SBF’s crypto exchange FTX platform and that of the BALD market. Moreover, the individual thereon responsible for deploying the BALD platform was the first organization to vote on successful SushiSwap proposal plans, hereguably falling in line with the ideologies of SBF given their routine association with SushiSwap.

Alarming resemblances found in context and repertoire propelling both the tweets of SBF as well as the BALD deployer necessitates empirical attention in order to draw concomitant correlations. Take for example, the trove of supplies lining dYdx, the decentralized derivatives exchange associated with the same deployer. A cluster of tweets in succession for several back-to-back events closely matching SBF’s daily agendas were intercepted which chimes for further suspicion.

Comparisons found in blockchain activity additionally traces links connecting the deployer to crypto behemoth Binance as well as USDT which is notably tied with questions of blacklisting. A surprise reposit of a myriad of untraceable tokens have signaled a smokescreen scenario from where multiple digits of funding have vanished into thin air. Uncovery awaits all as probing eyes follow a myriad of unsigned tracks, leaving everybody with bated breath to unravel the truth we all crave in what many see as a concerted ploy from Alameda Research and SBF.

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