What is Hooked Protocol, and how does it work?

: https://hooked.cloud/protocol Hooked Protocol is designed to propel Web3 adoption with an effective three-pronged approach by cultivating learning, fostering incentives, and setting up an integrated infrastructure of businesses. At Hooked Academy, users can get informed with short, heavily Instagram story styled videos crafted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fresh AI-powered characters which not only make the learning process concise and entraining, but also mirror the realities of web3 space by granting users refined digital identity with Hooked SoulBound Token. As soon as the identity is approved, users are welcomed to experience an evolved user growth modus by navigating and detailing with Crypto transactions through Hooked Wallet. Eventually, the mission of Hooked Protocol arrives full circle with an rollout of blockchain infrastrucutrue with rollup application, enabling users to manage and fund their complete web3 resources and data.

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