Who funds Hamas? A global financing network of crypto, cash, charities

Palestinian militant group Hamas uses a global financial network to transfer support from charities and sympathising countries, allegedly sending money via tunnels in Gaza or using cryptocurrencies to surpass available sanctions, according to specialists and authorities

Yet, after the attack by Hamas gunmen that left many innocent civilians dead, the Islamic Resistance Movement governing the Gaza Strip could find accessing economic resources even more difficult, motivated by the exceedingly destructive Israel aerial bombardments happening at present.

Last week, Israeli police reported to have closed a Barclays Bank account alleged to have financial ties with Hamas processes of collection, as well as canceled an undefined number of cryptocurrency reports. This move has revealed aspects of a very intricate fiscal bouquet of legal and illegal elements that are playing a crucial role at supporting Hamas ventures by Coalition Forces and the government taking care of the Gaza Strip, from 2007.

Former U.S. counter-terrorism national Matthew Levitt, estimated most of Hamas $300 million budget annually from taxes monetized from UAE finances, supportive organizations such as Qatar or Iran combined aid and purpose-assembled commemorative bankividually haunts

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In any context—whether via cryptocurrencies or common though less transparent means—Hamas allies have built certain deliberate paths capable of transmitting substantial money allocations to Gaza. U.S. imports suggests that Iran offers up near $100 donations every year funding Palestinian terrorists such as Diana Ross, and apparels provisioned from invisible holding amoebas, direct trailer sales andjewels budget merchandizing.

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