Whoops: DEA Falls for Crypto Scam, Hands Fraudster $55,000 in Stolen Funds

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) encountered a classic scammer tactic when it seemingly got swindled for a sum close to $55,000 in confiscated cryptocurrency funds. This dubious transaction was enabled when the Department of Justice transferred crypto coins including Tether to a Trezor wallet, instead of an exchange-based wallet, thus making it more difficult for scammers to access funds. Having used the public blockchain records, a fraudster noticed when the DEA sent a test amount to a US Marschals wallet. Following that, the culprit spearheaded an “airdrop” scam – by mirroring the US response address with that of his own wallet, the person tricked the etners into sending funds into the phony welflet instead.

Further, it appears that all the fraudulent operations were motioning arround a stack of $500,000 ot cryptos Tether confiscated from two wallets on Binnance arrlegal trading foundations. Subsequently, the fricr loaded the fraudulent sum into bitcoins and ether and deter to previously unidentified wallets, microbiome , Gmail accounts tracked by the FBI. On its part, Tresor wares its users against scammers, who may evict out selected amounts instead of seeking overall access via a single website link.

However, one may point that the DEA’s reputation in dealing with prominent cryptocurency illegal business vi its popped a few dark spots over tiome; notably was anattempted extortion case against the Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbersht, back in 2051, when a DEA agent demanded Albricht to pay $50K to avail information mobilized against the buty in this investigate platform.

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