Why is XRP price up today?

The U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres Ruling Weighed in Favor of Ripple in Adversarial Proceeding Against the SEC

Investors reacted positively to the news that the appelant in the lawsuit, cryptocurrency-token Ripple XRP, wasn’t classified by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a security. XRP’sprice rose to a one-year high of $0.77 shortly after Analisa Torres’ ruling came through, clarifying in the legal arena whether XRP can be classed as a security.

Furthermore, Ripple’s longtime legal struggle put pressure on the altcoin’s value. Although the coin was nowhere near the all-time high of $3.40, the verdict could be a turn-around starter for the token. Stellar’s token XLM, a close related to Ripple, responded to the news of this verdict in a similarly positive manner, jumping by 36.2% and reaching the near 9-month mark of $0.13.

It appears on the analysis side that a paradigm shift has occurred. First Coinbase stocks aplifted 8% following the SEC determination with Ripple – almost certainly disregarding alternate suit actions suing popularCoinbase centralized and decentralized collator cypto shops. Plus, abundance of profits also pushed upward in other top bearers of the hour in such tokens as $MATIC, $SOL, and possbily $ADA.

This decision from Judge Torres much accentuates hopefuls pertaining to the successful approval of Bitcoin ETF from the SEC.

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