Worldcoin Publishes Audit Reports Amid Scrutiny From French Privacy Regulator

Exploding on to the scene with ambition and innovation, ChatGPT’s latest project Worldcoin recently responded to public pressure by publishing two security audit reports.

The audit involved Nethermind and Least Authority firms poring through Worldcoin code lasting three months, to assess areas such as correct implementation, user privacy, responsible key storage, management of encryption, data privacy, attacks such as DDoS, vulnerability scan and smart contract construction. Worldcoin also subsequently released the findings of the audits, which notably had 2 critical and 24 non-critical issues identified among its smart contracts policies.

As the Worldcoin blockchain is put under greater scrutiny, further French State authority CNIL and German authority joined forces to launch an investigation into the public’s unauthorized utilization, and collection of their biometrics through the protocol. Giving arms to society’s suspicions surrounding Worldcoin, CNIL mirrored public discontent surrounding the capturing of private data, and collected biometrics without their consent.

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