Worldcoin Security Vulnerability Uncovered by CertiK

The tech world has been abuzz with the crypto project Worldcoin, but it has come under fire with accusations of a security vulnerability. Crypto security firm, CertiK, has reported that the issue would allow anybody to bypass the needed certifications to operate their controversial iris-scanning Orb device and to effectively become the operator of Worldcoin. Comprising of possible privacy issues, their technology raised eyebrows, and the security flaw stern feeling of risk from many more organisations. Fortunately, OpenAI’s Cybersecurity team prompt fix was deployed countered the damage, which was identified and confirmed by the security giant themselves.

Worldcoin has endured a hefty degree of criticism for their ID project, be it warranted or otherwise. Depsite this, CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman has continually pushed the boundary of generative artificial intelligence, the flagship ChatGPT of OpenAI ushering in a new era, Much like Altman’s OpenUI project causing the necessary talking-points back in September. Worldcoin is also having its share of questions and criticism- which was punctuated with CertiK’s news affecting them.

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