Worldcoin token’s value drops nearly 10% after Sam Altman removed as OpenAI CEO

, yet Sam Altman’s position there is unexpectedly dissolving. On Friday, OpenAI shared that after just a few months of service, its CEO Sam Altman has moved on already. This break casts question marks on Altman’s role in the other entities he helped found – such as Worldcoin, his own cryptocurrency, where its token WLD dropped 13% after the news came. Months ago, Blockchain Capital carried out contactual transactions for a total of $115 million dollars, rounding a Series C and solidifying the credentials of Worldcoin. Items regarding its status, post Sam’s departure, went unanswered, even after iconclusive inquiries from TechCrunch. According to Tiago Sada (from the podcast Chain Reaction in function of Tools for Humanity & core investor from Worldcoin), the underlying benefits of his brainchild others a digital passport in the form of an “iris code” ( wre obtainer directly from human irises with Orb. Sensivating the highest privacy due to an unbelievable encryption coding. Additionally, sworning measures antithetical fo oppose possible scam & fraud possibilities.

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