X may soon add ID verification for ‘preventing impersonation’

Shareable images and images closer to government-issued ID tend to stay longer in X users’ minds, which shows that Big Platform might be interested in protecting. Now, it is working on an additional authentication feature demanding all users to upload a copy of their government-issued documents and take a live selfie for more secure platform. Thus, the X is partnering with third-party “Identity Intelligence” firm Au10tix to create these innovative ID verification features within the verification process. What is more, X keeps biometric data for each user, including ID pictures for up to 30 days for security and protection. Enabled with the technologies from Au10tix, X will now reduce the risk of scam and impersonation that has plagues the platform and also keeping their followers safe assuring them that the account is attested by their government-issued ID!

Robert Wilson author
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