XRP Holdings Required To Attain Millionaire Status at $3, $5, $10, $50, and $100 Prices

While XRP continues to face resistance in its rally following the United States Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) official move, sentiments surrounding the token’s prospects are far from negative – and we shall be weighing them out in this article.

What is more interesting is the observation that at the current XRP cost of $0.62 how many tokens will be needed to become XRP millionaires at selected market values. To reach the XRP Millionaire price level ($3 selling price) would be a lofty goal, but at this cost that would take 333,334 XRP tokens which with the current prices would total $209,263. This would result in an unrealized Returns On Investment (ROI) of $790,000 potentially being made.

Private analysts such as Coinskid, a reputable cryptocurrency chartist, could be hinting at success as he is predicting that the XRP prices could reach heights of potentially $3.7 in the near future. Aditionally, figures such as Crypto Ceaser, staunch bitcoin proponent, foresaw the possibility of a XRP ascent to hit the levels of a $ 10 price target.

According to Stats the maximum potential to be gained saw by buyers having the figures for $ 5 – 200,000 XRP tokens which would be worth $126,000 when converted would imply a huge $ 874,500 profits. On the flipsite a more modest rise could be possibly attained with XRP spanning to the tune of even $100 per coin potential, for these heights 10,000 coins are indicated which would originally cost a mere $62,800 especially with the current standoff.

The Founder of The Money Mongers, Sudhir Khatwani – had similarly aligned with Coinskid in that XRP will rise to at least $5 by 2023 according to news sources. Furthermore, the extravagant predictions of e.g. from $50 -$100 XRP tokens still abound since it cannot be completely written off.

Safe not to believe blindly in these assertions, a $50 tag for instance initiatly suggest 20,000 XRP holdings that could have been purchased for a starting capital of only $12,600 under the present market prices. This is extremely viable due to the fact that if true it would lead to returns on investment approximateing $987,500.

In conclusion we disclaim our words, placing importance on intensive and due-diligent research before thinking of investing as well as viewing official news sources in order to make optimal decisions.

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