XRP tops BTC in trading volume as it continues to savor partial victory in SEC suit

<p>Unprecedented levels of interest in XRP has been mounted since the historic ruling of the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit on the 13th of July. According to the blockchain information specialist, <a href=”https://www.kaiko.com/#exchange”>Kiko</a>’s research showcased XRP outdoing all the other cryptocurrencies in trade volume up to 61%.</br> On Monday, out of the total global crypto trading percentage, XRP accounted for 21%, higher than BTC and ether which held the second and third spots with 20% and 8% respectively.</br></br> The price of XRP has been observing a new high of 15 months since the court ruling, thus trading volume also saw a hike up to 10 months. Due to this commotion, XRP’s market capital rose around $21.2 billion giving the cryptocurrency a 4th rank. Moreover, the SEC’s lawsuit didn’t seem to dent XRP’s back, raised by the potent international interest , besides South Korea. Here, exchanges <a href=”https://upbit.com/”>Upbit</a> and <a href=”https://bithumb.com/”&aamp;gt;Bithumb</a> experienced a trading amount of serious index after the lawsuit , amounting nearly $467 billion and <a href=”https://www.binance.us/”>Binance</a> further supported as $600+ billion.</br></br> The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse trusted and believes on Ripple’s positive outlook about the appeal from the court. Further, South Korea envisions crypto from a special universe, encompassing ability far different than any other nations.</p>

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