XRP Trader Invested at $0.005 in 2014, Here’s Its Worth Now

Ripple’s CTO revelead on X (formerly Twitter) that his father had purchased over a million XRP tokens in 2014 from epecto exchange Justcoin when the token was only trading for $0.005. This would have inital investment of $5.000 which has now translated to a reward of a stagger 10.120% an return of about $500.000 in late January 2021. Could an investor become a millionaire with XRP? Earlier this year, Sharon Throp predicted a potential future $500.00 since liquidity of the token, it could have the potential of being a cross-border payment system. If this future prediction came true, an investor would only need 2000 tokens become a XRP multi-millionaire based on a $500 maximum price trade – the current value for bought 2000 tokens would translate to $1022 at the press time where XRP was trading at $0.511.

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