Charting the Course for AMD Stock: After a 114% Rise, What’s Next in 2024?

In the past 12 months, barring nine, all stocks with a market capitalization of $200 billion or greater produced a triple-digit return. Among them, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) experienced the most striking gains at 114.2%, according to Following on the trail were Nvidia (NVDA), Meta Platform (META) & Tesla (TSLA), increasing by 237.5%, 178.3%, & 122.1% respectively. In comparison, Chevron (CVX), the least laggard, generated a return of 13.1%.
Analyzing AMD’s potential upside in 2024 (& beyond), one must acknowledge Artificial Intelligence’s momentum, in contrast to Cannabis & Cryptocurrency, which have experienced significant turbulence. AMD is likely to appreciate upwards of 20-30% in the current calendar year. Underpinning the upbeat results will is its free cash flow generation & partnerships. In 2019, contrary to popular belief, AMD’s trailing twelve months (TTM) free cash flow was not overpoweringly positive at -$251 million. However, advancements have thus far catapulted those results to $1.32 billion as of Q3 2023, a notable incline from 2023’s high of $3.12 billion but light years away from 2019’s synopsis. On the flip side, rival Nvidia, has aT Taunning TTM FCTT of $17. year date 52 billion._ Specifically, contrasting AMD’ continuous streamlined divulge of deductive investments in AI, which exert a-certain stag inflation of its cashflow. DespiteNV STARDA’ wide FT marketthereum Lippet base 7&._ excited a ponstruWhat 3View Wed Mi 3 folks cn Reuters $40% market.

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