Ripple: Expert Predicts 2350% Rally for XRP, Could Reach $14

Ripple’s XRP token has experienced an extreme dip in the weekly charts, with a 9.1% decrease in value. Additionally, the cryptocurrency has dropped 8% over the last few weeks. Regardless, XRP is still up a substantial 65.5% since January 2023. All the same, despite current market conditions, analyst Egrar Crypto offers a bullish prediction of upwards of 40x growth rate. The Egrar Crypto cites XRP rallying 20x during the last cycle despite being the subject of a lawsuit from the US SEC. Concerning clearer regulations and operations, the analyst foresees a potential rise to 40x or 50x, signifying $11 and $14 respectively. Reaching such heights, however, will take some time Tuttle Analytics estimates that an $11 evaluation is unlikely before the year 2031; with a potential jump to $14 coming as late as 2032.

Yet, depending on 2021 crypto market developments, an XRP rising to such high-rankings may be sooner than initially forecasted. On the assumed power of investors, StrategiK Capital looks at $10 by 2030, while higher correlations between $11 and $14 is due for some time between 2030 and 2035. Moreover, a favourable result from the high court towards XRP will contribute significantly to an increase of the token’s value.

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