Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval: Only 39% Of Experts Expect SEC Greenlight In 2024, Bitwise Survey Reveals

Recent research conducted in collaboration between Bitwise and VettaFi showed that less than half of the financial advisors had confidence that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will approve the spot Bitcoin ETF by 2024. Currently, major firms, such as BlackRock, Inc, VanEck and Valkyrie Investments, are all under the scrutiny of the SEC, as it prepares to make necessary changes by January 10.

Reports by Bloomberg sought to alleviate investors worries with a 90% approval probability of the ETF proposal, however, the stated research anticipating the lack of confidence by economic professionals is one worth noting. Out of all of the advisors remarkably, only 19% of analysts and advisors are allowed to buy cryptocurrencies on their own accounts, while the 88% were persuaded to wait based on the potential positive rebound from the ETF approval. Interestingly yet, 98% of those that presently actively investment in crypto for their clients, stated that they would quickly reignite asks for virtual-asset apportionment in case the ETF was allows.

“There’s a massive gap in expectations between advisors and those who monitor ETF developments for a living,” asserted Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan about such differentiated opinions. AHL signaling a keenness behind buying bitcoin from finance rank professionals once an ETF green-light is interjected.

However, GoldmanBBC analyst Peter Schiff seizes to differ, displaying somewhat an opposite sentiment directed at a downturn of excitement about upcoming proclamation affirmations. Propelling investors to delay insight ensures as there may be less buyers that before before publishes refunds date.

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